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Pretty awesome.

Definitely getting it for iPod when I get the chance.

High score so far is 33,773,596.

Great upgrade from Kitten Cannon

It's been done millions of times before, but I think that this iteration is the best yet. My only issue is that there wasn't quite enough animation, seeing as how the turtle just swaps painful-looking graphics on each time it contacts the ground. It would've been swell to see at least a 1-2 frame transition into each pose, although it may be difficult seeing as how you probably scripted it to go to a random graphic.


Great art, and you can't go wrong with Lemon Tree!

Goku's partner...

Is Duskull, not Cubone!

Also awesome game.

Happy ending!

Sweatshop working is good time! All hail People's Republic of China! I work sweat shop too and happy life!

I love it.

So simple, yet extremely addicting and well done.

Beautiful game!

My score: 2,024,105 with a 80x combo.

Very well designed, the graphics suited the song very well and it was very soothing.

Not bad.

I'm a huge fan of EBA, so here is my constructive review!

Some tips that could make it better in a possible sequel:
1. Higher FPS: The frame rate was far too slow in comparison to EBA. Make it like 24-48ish.
2. Make sounds for each beat: In EBA, it feels like you're a part of the song when it makes the little beat sound whenever you hit a note.
3. Nicer looking visuals: Make stuff prettier. Maybe whore it out with some gloss or something?

Time to go S-rank JJF again!

XceeD responds:

Thanks for the review.
1. The FPS is at 60. I'll test raising it to the max (120) and see how it looks then.
2. Hmm... I know what you mean. I WAS going to except I actually didn't like the fact that EBA added those small beats. My friend suggested it to me also but I disregarded it. I think that adding those beats would "mess up" the song. I wanted the player to ONLY hear the song. But if you think it's better, I'll check it out.
3. Okay :D!

I really appreciate the constructive criticism, unlike all those other people that just go "BLAM!".


I'm amazed how good this turned out, and how quickly you finished it. Could've used more maps, but it's still fucking awesome. Also the graphics weren't exactly Peach-like, I didn't like how Aubers turned out, but the alternate costumes were full of lols.


Pretty cool game, I'm ranked 59 on the one on Digg

Or at least I was when I played it.

The main problem I have is that you can't see the crosshair in huge graphical fights, and it also lags on low quality for me.

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